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Do you like faces? Hank? Remixing? Music? Llamas? Maybe then you want to try your hand at Remixing Hank’s Face!

It’s simple, all you have to do is download the stems (if you don’t have a bittorrent client, I suggest utorrent)

Then, when you’re done with the remix, post it on Tumblr with the tag “hank’s face” and we will choose a winner! 

What are stems?
They’re all of the individual files that, together, make a song. Each instrument, drum beat, vocal track, etc, gets it’s own WAV file.

Who is we?
Well, I’ll reblog my favorites, and then the one that gets the most upvotes wins. SIMPLE

What do I get?
GLORY! And possibly a prize of some kind but really, let’s be honest…you’re doing it for the glory…right?

When’s the Deadline?
About a week from now sounds good to me.

How could the universe be expanding if it’s infinite?
It isn’t the stuff in the universe that’s expanding outward…it’s space itself. NO EDGE!



WE PROPOSE THAT THE GIF IS AN ARTFORM. The constraints and attributes of the medium, whether file size, photoset layouts, looping, frame stalls…it’s amazingly complicated. 

The creators of epic GIFs, of course, do not do it for money or fame or even recognition, they do it because they love it. But just because they do not do it for recognition does not mean that they don’t deserve to be recognized. John and I will be distributing GIFMASTER badges (above) when we reblog GIFs that we find particularly inspiring, innovative, or amazing. 

We’re working on making this a real pin that we can mail to people who receive GIFMASTER badges, but we’re not, at the moment, promising anything. 

To make your GIFs eligible for the GIFMASTER award, just put “gifmaster” in your tags.

Also, the GIFMASTER badge can be awarded by anyone, not just John and me, but be sparing, or else it will lose it’s power. To post the GIFMASTER badge, just use this URL in the image field

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